Anxiety Free Dentistry

Anxiety Free DentistryDental Phobia, Fear and Anxiety

Over forty percent of the population has some level of dental phobia, fear and anxiety. For about 9-15% that fear is strong enough to prevent them from seeking care!

Bad childhood (or adult!) experiences, insensitive comments by dental professionals and staff and even anxiety disorders can result in debilitating fear of the dentist.

Over years of being told to “suck it up”, “be an adult” and “just get over it” people with dental fear and phobias often feel an intense (and truly undeserved) embarrassment and shame. Those who do not have these fears often don’t understand, mean well but make insensitive comments. People with fears and phobias mistakenly feel that others might be right.

Affinity Dental of La Mesa offers a variety of anti-anxiety prescription methods to help you to relax. We aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions or concerns during any part of the procedure, we want to make sure they’re answered and properly addressed. Your comfort is our priority.

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