Meet the Michels Family

Affinity Dental of La mesa is run by Dr Alan Michels and his two sons, Paul Michels DDS and Steve Michels RDH.
Coming from a family of eight, Paul and Steve take the slogan “where you are treated like family” to heart.
We understand that finding a new dentist that you can trust to do the “right thing” is difficult. At our office we pledge to treat everyone that walks through our doors as we would treat our own family. We work with our patients to provide the best individual care by discussing their oral health goals. We will listen to your wants or concerns, and help you overcome any hurdles preventing you from achieving those goals.

A few years ago Dr Michels Sr. and Steve went to Kenya on a dental service trip with oldest son, Rowe, who started a school for disabled children in remembrance of his boy, Sean, who passed away. Rowe goes ever year with his own family to check on the school and provide a different service every trip, for the surrounding village. When the idea came up to do a dental trip we jumped at the chance. About 400 people were treated.

Steve holding a baby from the village.

Sean Michels School for the Disabled

Dr Michels Sr. at his surprise 70th birthday trip with his sons. Steve (far left) Paul (2nd from right)

Paul and Steve's kids playing follow the leader!

Paul and Steve’s kids playing follow the leader!

Paul and Steve as kids

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